Legal Reference:

  • Law no. 9723, dated May 03, 2007, “On the National Registration Center”, as amended;
  • DCM No. 506, dated August 01, 2007, “On Registration and Publication Procedures at the National Registration Center”.


Financial Statements

Each entity that carries out the initial registration also has the obligation to register

  1. Annual Financial Statements, activity performance report and audit report, held in accordance with the provisions of the accounting legislation and financial statements, in cases when the keeping of such documents is mandatory; for branches and offices of representation of foreign companies is also deposited the annual balance of foreign company, kept according to standards required in foreign country;
  2. The company, together with the annual balance sheet and the audit report, notifies the full list of registered shareholders with their identification data for the nominal shares and the total number of all of its shares.

Entities that have not deposited the financial statements within legal deadlines

  1. Entities that have the obligation to draft documents according to letter “a” of paragraph 3 of Article 43 of Law no. 9723, dated May 03, 2007 “On NBC”, as amended and not deposited in advance, in accordance with the deadline provided for in point 5 of Article 22 of the law, are obliged in any case to deposit these documents not later than 7 months from the closing date of each financial year.


  1. If an entity fails to comply with the obligation under this Article, the NBC shall, in conjunction with the enforcement of the sanction provided for in paragraph 3 of Article 74 of the Law, act in accordance with the provisions of letter “ë” of Article 54.


Attention: In accordance with the legislation in force, the final deadline for the filing of the annual balance sheet and the audit report, according to letter “a” of article 43/3 of Law 9723/2007, is July 31 of each year.