Submission of requests for licenses and permits to the NBC follows one of these procedures:

a) direct visit to one of the NBC’s service windows;

b) mail to the NBC central office, with delivery notification;




1. Requests for licenses/permits are filed with the NBC, following predetermined procedures.
2. Requests comprise filled-out standard application forms and required accompanying documents.
3. The standard application form contains at least the following data:

    a) designation of category/subcategory;
    b) type of activity;
    c) identification data regarding the applicant and the person submitting the application; 
    d) location or locations where the activity is carried out;
    e) other specific data, as per category/subcategory; 
    f) the applicant’s declaration, in which he/she states and certifies that he/she is aware of the criteria for licensing/permitting and
       that he/she duly meets those criteria that require only self-declaration for fulfillment;
    g) declaration stating the authenticity of accompanying documents and the fact that the applicant is aware and accordingly accepts
        all obligations related to licensing/permitting, and that he/she is willing to fulfill them;
    h) address for communication purposes;
    i) list of accompanying documents to be submitted.

4. The NBC is not entitled to require from the applicants further documents or information, which are not included in the standard form.
5. The NBC publishes in the register all completed forms and a list of accompanying documents for each application submitted, within the next working day from the day the application is submitted.



1. The applicant or a person duly authorized submits the request for a license or permit at the NBC service window.
2. The service window clerk assists the applicant in filling out the application form, verifies his/her identity, and requires him/her to sign the filled out application form.
3. Accompanying documents shall be original, or notarized copies of the original, or copies accompanied with the original document, which are verified for authenticity to the original by the service window clerk.
4. Where an authorized person, as specified in paragraph 1 of this article, submits the request for application and the respective accompanying documents, he/she shall also submit a document certifying such authorization right.
5. The service window clerk issues a written confirmation for each application. Confirmations shall comply with the approved format and shall indicate the type of request, date and list of accompanying documents submitted.
6. The service window clerk is obliged to accept all applications submitted, as per this law, even though the latter might be incomplete.
7. Documents indicating payment of the administrative fee are submitted at the service window, and the clerk issues a written confirmation thereupon. Fees are paid when the license/permit is issued.
8. The NBC may not require submission of documents or provision of other information, which are not required in the standard form.
9. The NBC publishes in the Register all the filled out forms and accompanying documents for each submitted application, within the next working day from the date of submission.